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Memes that are Too Real for Secondary Teachers


Because nothing ever plays out in real life like it does in your head.


Why yes, my freshly pressed slacks and cute blouses did turn into wearing the same pair of khakis everyday and the least wrinkly t-shirt I can find. Gotta problem?


We were all just so sad you were gone we couldn’t even concentrate on what I planned, SIKE! Here’s what you need to make up for the day. 


And that 5:30 am call to your principal to ask them to get you a sub? Terrifying. 


Because if your blood isn’t 90% coffee by Friday did you even teach that week?


That was not appropriate. *giggles* Think before you speak next time *chortles* That wasn’t funny. *yes it was*


But at the end of the day, you remember you have the best job in the world that you wouldn’t trade for anything.